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Drug Interactions

Special considerations when using MSCs in joints, tendons and ligaments


  • MSCs primarily act by modulating the immune system

  • When planning a treatment, do not use any agents that might inhibit or interfere with the inflammatory response, including antibiotics. These are cytotoxic and Inhibit proliferation and function

  • Allow a 5-day washout period prior to MSC treatment

  • Use sterile technique to prepare the joint for injection

  • In the event of a flare-up, ice joint/ligament/tendon, monitor over 3-5 days.

  • When treating soft tissue, PRP is always recommended as an additive as it provides a biological scaffold and releases growth factors

  • When blocking – Marcaine is severely chondrotoxic

Use Naropin > Procaine > Lignocaine

Treatment can be done within 24hrs after block




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